How will I receive my orders?
All accounts are linked to JoeyCo tablets which receive the order notifications right on the dashboard for your review and acceptance. You can even edit orders and send the edit to your customer for verification.
How can I keep track of all my transactions?
With JoeyCo you have access to detailed live account summaries and the ability to download statements whenever you need. We log and report all of your transactions and sales.
How will you help me generate MORE delivery orders?
Our dedicated team of developers are constantly implementing new features and promotions for our merchants and customers. The internet is a great medium to communicate your product information quickly and effectively.
What if I receive an order directly? Will you deliver?
Yes, you can dispatch Joeys on demand using the JoeyCo tablet.
Are my products secured?
100%! JoeyCo provides unique JoeyCo tamper evident seals to all merchants to seal their packages for pick up. Your customers receive your products sealed.
Who handles the payments?
JoeyCo handles all payments. Merchants have access to their account information through their JoeyCo tablet. JoeyCo has partnered with a conglomerate of services to secure and expedite payments. With the help of Chase Paymentech and JoeyCo MasterCard we are able to provide instant account credits and history of all transactions.
How will my customers see my store?
Customers can access your store either by using the JoeyCo App for any smartphone or the online website. How?
JoeyCo has developed an easy way to manage online stores. As a merchant you can edit and manage your entire store using your JoeyCo tablet. You’ll see what your customers get to experience. JoeyCo comes with a variety of store themes and layouts. You can upload CSV or Excel files and edit/create each item in detail.
What if I don’t get any orders?
If you don’t receive any orders and don’t make any deliveries yourself, JoeyCo will not penalize and no charges will apply - In fact, you will be notified of promos and consulted on techniques for increasing your sales.
What if I need help?
No problem, JoeyCo is dedicated to providing world class customer service. Our JoeyCo tablets are connected with Support links that when accessed a representative will call you straight away. All technical issues can be diagnosed and resolved remotely without having you, the merchant, take on any worries.
What if a Joey is late to pick up an order?
With our GPS tracking, you’re always informed. Our dispatch system calculates all delays before hand and informs you of any changes before it’s too late. Rest assured you’ll never be left hanging.
What if my products arrive late to the customer?
Leave the deliveries up to JoeyCo, our state of the art automated dispatch system tracks and informs customers of their order status and all delays are explained. JoeyCo manages all order discrepancies and communicates with merchants to keep them informed.
What if the customer has a complaint about the products?
All customer feedback and comments are communicated to the merchants. Merchants earn additional rewards on positive feedback.
How far can JoeyCo deliver? What’s the delivery range?
JoeyCo’s unique delivery charge system lets the customers decide how far they can deliver. With JoeyCo, merchants leave that choice up to their customers. The first 2km are covered under the delivery fee and additional km charges apply to customers for further distances. So, no matter how far your customer, if they agree JoeyCo will deliver it for you.
Who are Joeys?
JoeyCo’s esteemed fleet of Joeys are the new way deliveries are made.
Joeys are friendly neighbourhood people. Joeys are thoroughly screened and certified by JoeyCo. All Joeys undergo background checks and tests to ensure reliability, quality, service and security. Anyone can be a Joey, simply visit joey.joeyco.com.