What if a Joey is late to pick up an order?
With our GPS tracking, you’re always informed. Our dispatch system calculates all delays before hand and informs you of any changes before it’s too late. Rest assured you’ll never be left hanging.
How can I keep track of all my transactions?
With JoeyCo you have access to detailed live account summaries and ability to download statements whenever you need. We log and report all your transactions and sales.
How will I receive my orders?
All accounts are linked to JoeyCo tablets which receive the order notifications right on the dashboard for your review and acceptance. You can even edit orders and send the edit to your customer for verification.
What if I receive an order directly? Will you deliver?
Yes, you can dispatch Joeys on demand using the JoeyCo tablet.
How will you help me generate MORE delivery orders?
Our dedicated team of developers are constantly implementing new features and promotions for our merchants and customers. The internet is a great medium to communicate your product information quickly and effectively.

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